US National Arboretum | Travel

US National Arboretum | Travel | Alaina Ann Photography Even though I have spent the majority of my life living in the Washington, DC area, I somehow managed to wait until last year before visiting the US National Arboretum. The arboretum is a beautiful, peaceful and rural area located in the northeast area of the city.

US National Arboretum | Travel | Alaina Ann Photography

At this time, there are 15 main collections and areas within the arboretum. My favorites (so far!) are listed below :)

  • Dogwood Collection - I absolutely love dogwoods, especially during their peak blooming period. The recommended time to visit is mid April through June. This area also offers beautiful views of the Anacostia River.
  • Holly and Magnolia Collection - The large, blooming magnolia flowers always draw me in! This area is beautiful all year.
  • Bonsai Collection - Without question, the most peaceful area in the entire arboretum. The perfectly manicured bonsais and still silence makes for a unique and relaxing visit.
  • National Capitol Columns - located in the Ellipse meadow beside a reflecting pool, this is another peaceful location within the arboretum.
  • Perennial Collection - this garden offers flower goodness from early spring to late fall.

US National Arboretum | Travel | Alaina Ann Photography

I am planning to make another visit to the arboretum this spring. Ideally, I would love to visit once each season while living in the area!

Have you been to the US National Arboretum? I would love to hear about your favorite time of year to visit and the collections/areas you most enjoy!