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Upper Antelope Canyon Curves | Alaina Ann Photography The Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona has been on my bucket list for quite some time. To be honest, it still is since I have every intention to go back!

Slot canyons have a way of making your jaw drop. The feeling of standing between their tall, narrow walls is simply amazing. Part of me felt the view I was taking in was an illusion; as if there was no way I was standing where I was. I know I mentioned this before when speaking about the Lower Antelope Canyon; I had a tendency to walk through the slot canyon with my hands grazing the walls, reminding me my surroundings were real.

Upper Antelope Canyon | Alaina Ann Photography

To gain access to the Upper Antelope Canyon, you are required to obtain a permit and travel with a guided tour group. I chose the Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. Since my visit was somewhat last minute, the only tour available the day I was in town did not allow tripods. I was a bit bummed to leave my tripod behind, since the slot canyon is quite dark and long exposures are ideal. I did, however, manage to capture a handful of sharp photographs handheld. All the more reason to go back and visit again, with a tripod!

Upper Antelope Canyon Textures | Alaina Ann Photography

If you find yourself in Page, Arizona or are planning to travel to the Arizona and Utah border, I highly recommend spending a day exploring slot canyons in the area. Being at the bottom of those tall walls is an amazing experience!

Upper Antelope Canyon Looking Up | Alaina Ann Photography