Travel Highlights

Travel Highlights | Alaina Ann Photography Friends and family members often call and email me asking for recommendations on places to visit while they are in a state or region of the country I have previously explored. I LOVE when they reach out for tips! Even if I have not been to the town or state they are planning to visit, I usually have a travel bucket list I created for myself when the day comes to make my first trip.

I always capture photographs while exploring and decided it would be fun to have a travel section for Alaina Ann Photography with various tips on hikes, parks (local, state and national), historic sites, restaurants and any other bits of information I may have to pass along.

I have created a "Travel" category and will also tag each post with the city and state being referenced. This will allow for ease in future searches on the site :)

For now, expect these travel posts to arrive each Wednesday morning. I will be announcing my new blogging schedule in the coming weeks and will be sure to find a permanent place for my travel posts.

I have been a travel bug for many years and am excited to share my favorite spots around the country! I am also hoping to receive tips from you along the way... I love revisiting places with a new itinerary in hand :)