Sunset Power Lines | Photograph Story

Sunset Power Lines | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography Hopping in my car and driving around, simply to see what there is to see, is a relaxing pastime for me. I did this often while living in Arizona, searching for sunset locations at the end of the day.

One summer evening, I set out in my Jetta, driving along paved and dirt roads in Vail. I was pulling off the road all over the place, getting a closer look at my surroundings :)

About 5 miles from my home, I found these power lines that went on for miles across the desert. The dip getting off the road was somewhat questionable for my Jetta, but we all made it in one piece.

I parked, opened my sunroof and patiently waited for the sun to set. I enjoyed my comfortable 360 view from above my car while the temperature began to dip and the noises of the desert became a bit more amplified. Mainly, the howling of coyotes.

The roof proved to be a great tripod. I captured a handful of photographs as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon line. I enjoyed the peaceful colors of dusk for about thirty minutes before carefully driving back onto the road and making my way home.

I love driving without a destination in mind during summer evenings. I never know what I might find along the way :)