Sunlit Creosote | Photograph Story

Sunlit Creosote | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography Oh how I LOVE light during the magic hours of the day. This capture comes from the end of the day in Saguaro National Park, Arizona.

So much goodness.

Evening drives have been part of my life since the age of seventeen. Well, with me behind the wheel :) I trust there were glorious drives sooner.

My heart and mind are always happy while out for a drive, whether cruising through open farm land with the windows down, along a coastal road or inside a national park.

Evening drives in Arizona happened almost nightly. I was so eager to explore and there was a national park just a handful of miles down the road.

The creosote bushes were just starting to bloom and this one caught my eye a little way down a dirt trail. The sun was just about done for the day, so I grabbed a headlamp for my walk back to the car.

Although the creosote was stunning the entire time I was on the trail, this moment was my favorite. The beams of light were softly pouring over the horizon line, giving the branches and blooms a gentle glow.

Looking at this photograph makes me want to be outside for the golden hours, every single day, taking in nature's goodness :)