Snacking Giraffe | Photograph Story

Snacking Giraffe | Alaina Ann Photography The zoo is a wonderful place to see fun and exotic animals, from all around the world. Since going on a safari is far off in my future, I find myself at the zoo photographing animals a few times each year.

While living in Arizona, my sister and her son came to town for a visit. Since her little man loves animals, a trip to the zoo was a perfect morning activity! We quickly realized he was an animal whisperer. Every single animal we came close to stopped what they were doing to get a closer look at my sweet nephew. Naturally, I utilized these opportunities of interest for a few close-up photographs :)

The giraffe is, without question, one of my favorite animals. I think they are uniquely beautiful with their colored spots, comical stances and long, curious necks. While we were visiting the giraffes, this one came right to the tree in front of us and began snacking on the leaves. He took several breaks to take a closer look at my nephew, who squealed with delight because the giraffe was so close!

Although I captured a handful of photographs of this giraffe zoomed out, my most favorite was this close-up showing the details of this beautiful animal.