Seal Watching | Photograph Story

Seal Watching | Alaina Ann Photography While living in Moriches, New York (on Long Island) I heard people in the coffee shop talking about the seals migrating to the shores of Long Island during the winter. Naturally, I asked where I might be able to see and photograph these seals :)

I was told to head to Cupsoque County Park, at the end of Dune Road, in Westhampton Beach. I first walked along the beach on the ocean side of the park. No luck. Once I reached the end of the peninsula, I turned around to walk along the bay side of the park. Seals were everywhere!!

The were resting along the beach shoreline and out on the sandbars. Many of the younger seals found themselves bobbing in the water along the shoreline :) I truly loved watching them and soon realized the seals were just as interested in me as I was in them.

After several hours of sitting and walking along the beach, I decided to head home and look through my photographs. This bobbing seal, watching me as intently as I was watching him, was my absolute favorite photograph from the day! I went back several more times that winter, before the seals went on their way.

I am actually considering a road trip to Long Island this winter to photograph the seals again :)