Saguaro Snow | Photograph Story

Saguaro Snow Snow covered saguaros in Arizona is a rare and beautiful sight to see!

I woke up relatively late one Saturday morning. As I slowly walked to my bedroom window to open the blinds and let some light in, I saw what appeared to be snow. Not a little dusting of snow, but a proper snowfall! As I flung the blinds open, I could see snow covering everything in sight. The yard was full of white goodness and the Rincon Mountain peaks were beautifully snow capped.

I suddenly had a little pep in my step! As I walked away from the window, I realized if my yard was covered in snow, the saguaros at the same elevation as my home would also be covered in snow.

The pep in my step moved to a full on hustle to pile on layers, gather camera gear, grab a snack and get to the saguaros! I was tripping over my own feet trying to get out the door because I was so excited. I also knew the snow was melting quickly, since I had slept in and it was already late morning. The Arizona warmth was melting away the white goodness.

Luckily, I only had to drive a few miles to reach saguaros and the mountains. I was welcomed by cloudy skies with just enough sun peeking through to add a beautiful glow to the saguaros and snow. And there was still enough snow on the arms to capture photographs of this rare and magnificent occurrence.

As I stood beneath the saguaros, capturing photographs, clumps of snow were falling off and landing on my head, feet and back as I tried to dodge them :) It was quite comical!

Capturing this photograph is one of my favorite Arizona memories :)