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Flattop Mountain | Alaina Ann Photography Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. I arrived while the snow and ice were still melting from the winter season. Foot traffic was at a minimum; I saw more wildlife than humans while traveling around the park.

One of my favorite moments was walking along the edge of a river, filled with mountain runoff from the melting snow. There was an elk herd passing through and two fishermen wading in the water. As I said before, I was surrounded by peaceful views and sounds. My day in the park was a true highlight of my cross country trip!

Rocky Mountain Elk | Alaina Ann Photography

Recommended Hikes

Bear Lake - this is a .6 mile loop around Bear Lake. The lake was still snow covered during my visit, with views of a snow capped Flattop Mountain.

Alberta Falls - another short hike at .6 mile. This is one of the most popular short trails in the park, offering scenic views along Glacier Creek.

Flattop Mountain - a 4.4 mile hike to the summit of Flattop Mountain, in the Bear Lake area. From the summit, you will experience panoramic views and visibility of other nearby peaks.

A full list of hiking trails is available here. Due to the recent flooding, I highly recommend checking the park alerts and current trail conditions. Climbing and mountaineering are also a fun and exciting way to explore this park.

Rocky Mountain National Park | Alaina Ann Photography

While visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, I stayed in Boulder City, Colorado the night prior and Cheyenne, Wyoming after leaving the park. Both were great locations since I was passing through.

Have you been to Rocky Mountain National Park? If so, I would love to hear from you and receive tips on hikes and climbing locations you would recommend!