Rocky Mountain National Park | Photograph Story

Rocky Mountain National Park | Alaina Ann Photography Rocky Mountain National Park was conveniently on my way to Maryland, while driving from Arizona. I honestly spent little time researching the park and planned to see what I could see during my day in the area. Even though it was late May, the higher elevations were still covered in snow, with crews working hard to uncover many of the roads in time for Memorial Day weekend, days after my departure.

While preparing to leave the park and head north to Cheyenne, Wyoming, I noticed a large herd of elk in a meadow. I had time and curiosity, so I turned around and drove toward the flowing river and meadow to see if there was a pullout for parking the Jetta. Naturally, there was :)

I hopped out of my car and began to walk along the river, passing two men fly fishing along the way. I kept my distance from the elk and captured a few fun photographs as they lounged around and snacked on the grass.

And then I turned around. This was my view! I knew I was surrounded by mountains and trusted a lovely view awaited me once I began to head back to my car. It had been raining off and on throughout the day, the clouds rolled in and out and the mountains received fresh snow with each pass.

Everything was quiet, peaceful and inviting for a moment to pause. And so I did, taking a seat along this riverbed to enjoy the view and the journey I was on. This was another defining moment during my trip, similar to my sand dune footprints moment from the previous day. I was surrounded by goodness and peace :)