Queens Garden Trail | Photograph Story

Queens Garden Trail | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography While walking among the hoodoos, Bryce Canyon National Park quickly became one of my favorite U.S. National Parks. There's something magical and awe inspiring about these unique and exquisite formations.

Somehow, the light always seemed to be just right while hiking in Bryce Canyon. With each turn of the Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail, the hoodoos, trees and overall landscape seemed to become more picturesque. I was hiking during the middle of the day, a time when my camera is generally taking a break. Instead, I spent the entire time ready to capture another photograph as the light illuminated another amazing view.

My favorite memory of hiking in Bryce Canyon was slowly descending into the hoodoos. The Navajo Loop and Queens Garden Trail navigated through the hoodoos, providing a close look at the formations along the way. Even though I could practically touch them, they still seemed unreal.

The Queens Garden Trail photograph was captured at the very beginning of the trail. When I look at this photograph, I instantly feel the same sense of excitement I had the day I was overlooking the hoodoos, knowing I would soon be down below looking up at their amazing presence.

I consider Bryce Canyon a must see location in the United States. If you find yourself in Utah, make your way to the hoodoos, stand among them and feel the wonder of their beauty!