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Plum Island Piping Plover | Alaina Ann Photography My youngest sister and I spent a chilly and peaceful morning on Plum Island, in Massachusetts, toward the end of summer. We decided to visit this beach because of the piping plover preserve. Naturally, they are my favorite bird :)

Plum Island Piping Plover | Alaina Ann Photography

I first fell in love with piping plovers when I lived on Long Island. While visiting Fire Island, my sister and I came across a handful of baby piping plovers and were delighted watching them run all over the beach, sometimes getting a bit too close to the crashing waves. We always giggle together thinking about these tiny birds running beneath our feet.

Plum Island Piping Plover | Alaina Ann Photography

The skies were gray and there were scattered rain showers the entire time we were visiting. The crowds were thin and, as you can see, the birds were abundant! Naturally, we came across a few seagulls during our walk.

Plum Island Seagull | Alaina Ann Photography

We even saw a seal bobbing in the ocean! If you live in the area, I highly recommend stopping by during the fall and early winter months to see the migrating seals as they spend time in the ocean and rest on the beach :)

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