Overhead Saguaro Bloom | Photograph Story

Overhead Saguaro Bloom | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography When I arrived in Arizona, I quickly fell in love with the saguaros. While visiting Saguaro National Park, I learned the saguaros bloom delicate white flowers during May and June. The flowers only bloom once, opening during the night and expiring around midday.

I found myself looking for the flowers as soon as the first green buds began to appear. I was borderline obsessed with photographing these flowers! Early mornings, multiple hikes and loads of sunscreen were all part of the adventure to find a saguaro arm at eye level with one or more blooms.

The week before I left for Maryland, I found myself on a dirt road, hiking into the desert, looking for blooming saguaros. For the first two hours, all I found were green buds on the arms or on the ground. Just as I began to think I may miss the blooming goodness, I happened to look up and notice the saguaro above me had one large white flower :) I captured this overhead shot, just in case this was the only flower I came across.

While hiking back to my car, I found a low hanging saguaro arm with multiple blooming flowers. I was thrilled!

My little desert adventure paid off :)

If you are in Arizona with saguaros around, take a trip in mid May to visit them. I promise the early morning hike will be worth seeing these lovely flowers.