Nursing Bison Calf | Photograph Story

Nursing Bison Calf Hands down, one of the sweetest moments I have witnessed while exploring :)

Around this time last year, I was in Yellowstone National Park for two days. At the end of my first day, I was slowly heading out of the park, making my way toward food and my hotel.

While driving along the Madison River, heading to Montana, I noticed a herd of bison walking along the river with their little calves in tow. I drove a few pullouts down the road, parking my Jetta ahead of their walking path. I hopped out of my car, sat along the grass and patiently waited for the herd to arrive.

I giggled and smiled as they swam across the river, chased geese and walked along the valley. And then this happened :) Mom came to a standstill and baby went in for a drink.

Watching this sweet moment was priceless to me. The bison calf nursed for about fifteen minutes before running off to catch up with the rest of the cute little ones.

Nature is quite spectacular, if you ask me!