Moody Mountain | Photograph Story

I recently decided to add a new series to the Alaina Ann Photography blog - Photograph Stories. As the series title suggests, these posts will be about the story behind a specific photograph. When I first began to capture more purposeful photographs, my motivation was to share a view or moment with someone special to my heart who was rarely able to be present with me in those moments. Over the years, I have grown to capture photographs with the same purpose, but for many different people in my life. The greatest compliment I have received in regards to my photography is when someone tells me they feel as though they are standing beside me, in that very moment I have captured. That feeling is exactly why I explore with my camera; to share many of my favorite moments and views in life with you.

::::::::::::: Onto the first story :::::::::::::

Moody Mountain | Alaina Ann Photography

While on an unplanned trip to Durango, Colorado to photograph fall foliage, I decided to drive North on U.S. Route 550 to Silverton. As I climbed in elevation, the mountain peaks were covered in snow with storm clouds rolling in. This dynamic scene of fall and winter grabbed my attention immediately. I pulled off onto the side of the road to capture this photograph and take in the beautiful view.

As you might imagine, the temperature had more of a winter feel. Every few minutes a gust of wind would blow through the gorge, making me a bit unstable on my feet. I had recently purchased my first tripod, but had not yet fallen into the groove of using it with each hop out of my car. Instead, I found myself sitting on the edge of the pullout, with my legs against my chest, using my knees as a tripod. I also found this position to be quite warm!

After a few attempts and finally controlling my shivers, I captured this photograph. This image, to me, is a perfect representation of why I love Colorado. Dynamic weather, two seasons present at once and large mountains covered in trees. I have driven north and south on U.S. Route 550 during each season, and I always love the views along the way. This view, however, is one of my favorites.