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Monument Valley Shadows | Alaina Ann Photography Monument Valley is another jaw dropping location. The endless desert views, amazing rock formations, dramatic sky and bumpy scenic {and secluded} road make for an incredible visit.

Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation and requires the purchase of a permit to visit the area. Located along the Arizona and Utah border, I stopped at the Tribal Park on my way to Durango, Colorado. It was the perfect stop to take in nature and walk around in a spectacular setting, before carrying on with my road trip.

West Mitten Butte | Alaina Ann Photography

At first, I was a bit hesitant to take my Jetta on the 17 mile, unpaved, scenic drive through Monument Valley. After speaking to a few people, I quickly learned the road was in good enough condition to handle a passenger vehicle, driven with caution. Driving tours are also available if you are unsure about taking your own car on the road. I found the first and last mile {the drive is a loop} were the most bumpy, requiring slower speeds and careful maneuvering.

Artist's Point Horizontal | Alaina Ann Photography

The scenic drive, with stops along the way, took approximately three hours. If you find yourself at the Arizona and Utah border with the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park within a close distance, I highly recommend making the stop!