Marksta | iPhone Photography

Marksta App | iPhone Photography | Alaina Ann Photography When I began focusing more on iPhone photography, I decided to watermark my photographs. As you may know, I share these photographs on various forms of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

The importance and overall reason for watermarking photographs is different for each individual. For me, the decision was two-fold. My main reason was to add an element of protection to my photographs, as I have {unfortunately} had photographs stolen/used without permission. Secondly, I wished to have "Alaina Ann" stamped on my photographs to align each capture with my brand. In 2013, I simply used text. Now, in 2014, I have been using the Alaina Ann logo.

If you find yourself looking for an easy to use iPhone app for watermarking your photographs, I highly recommend Marksta. I have tried several apps and Marksta is, hands down, my favorite! Below are a few of my favorite features from this handy app.

Marksta Features
  • Ability to watermark photographs using text or an image (logo).
  • Built-in camera to capture photographs within the app.
  • Wide variety of fonts to choose from for text placement.
  • Simple resizing using your fingertips to "squeeze" the watermark.
  • Template management area to save various watermark templates (I have one for Alaina Ann, Alaina Ann Photography and Alaina Ann 365).
  • Control to change opacity of watermark.
  • Ability to share the final, watermarked photograph, directly from the app.

If you are interested in taking a look around the app, I encourage you to visit the tutorial page on the Marksta website.