Lupine and Poppies | Photograph Story

Lupine and Poppies | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography The moment I learned wildflowers would be blooming throughout Arizona, I stopped what I was doing and pulled up maps and blogs with blooming locations and flower types. I also purchased this book.

Lupine and poppies were blooming and as luck would have it, my weekend was wide open :) I drove north on the Pinal Pioneer Parkway, making turns here and there as I began to see the gold and purple goodness. Full details on my route are highlighted here.

Most of my exploring turned up small patches of flowers, making macro photographs my preferred focus for the day. I tip toed around the flowers for hours, making sure none fell beneath my hiking shoes. Using a telephoto lens was also helpful for keeping my distance from the delicate flowers, while still getting close up photographs.

I am slightly obsessed with flowers. I admit it. Spending a day driving through the desert landscape with the simple plan of finding wildflowers was simply wonderful. I was truly in my happy place!

Plus, purple is my favorite color. And there were plenty of purple flowers to enjoy!