Lone Rock | Photograph Story

Lone Rock in Glen Canyon | Alaina Ann Photography I have driven my trusty Jetta on all types of roads and in various weather conditions. I have a great deal of faith in my little adventure wagon and, for the first time, thought I pressed my luck while driving to visit Lone Rock in Glen Canyon.

Lone Rock beach is a popular campsite and cars are allowed to drive right up to the shoreline for a brief visit or overnight stay. The beach was covered in sedans and I felt the Jetta would have an easy drive out and back. I had spoken to the rangers before entering and they assured me that I would not get stuck (and I didn't), but I definitely had the constant feeling that I might sink in and stay longer than anticipated!

I chose an entry point onto the beach that had been recently traveled, following the path of the previous cars until I started to get closer to the shoreline. Even with new tires and great traction, I was fishtailing across the sand. Naturally, my instinct was to drive slower, resulting in spinning tires on the beach. I basically ended up cruising along the sand, sliding one way or the other, until I arrived at the water to take in this view!

Driving back out was much of the same story, except this time I was laughing hysterically because I am usually a very controlled and lame driver :) And there I was, driving my Jetta on a beach, sliding around at a slow speed, bumping up and down the entire way!

We were both happy to reach the paved road and shake the sand off!