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Travel Journals | Alaina Ann Photography I love making lists, writing in journals and often day dream about places I want to visit and explore one day. Over the years, I have actively written in two photography journals - a travel journal and a travel bucket list.

Travel Journal Tips

Whether you are a photographer, traveler, or simply someone who pops into new places now and again, I highly encourage keeping a journal from your trips. You never know when you might return and need a little reminder of great finds from years prior :) My travel journal helps me remember the amazing hikes, views and side roads from recent (and distant!) travels.

Below are a few items you may consider recording:

  • Dates/Season visited and any weather or variations in experience related to that time of year
  • Locations to remember - pullouts with scenic views, roads traveled, landmarks
  • Hikes - great trails you explored, ones recommended for your next visit
  • Lodging and campsites
  • Restaurants and local markets
  • Stories from your travels and experiences
  • Names of people you met along the way
  • Notes on wildlife and vegetation
  • Cautious reminders for a return visit, possibly related to weather conditions or wildlife encouters

I have mostly use my travel journal for short notes. I would like to get into a habit of keeping a diary of my travels and experiences while in certain places and moments. I retain many of the memories quite well, but trust that may change one day!

Travel Journals | Alaina Ann Photography

Travel Bucket List Tips

My travel bucket list keeps me excited and motivated to drive, fly and sometimes walk to new places! When I first started my travel bucket list, it was quite general and mostly listed countries or cities to visit. Now that I have been traveling more and more, my journal is quite specific with some items narrowed down to a specific location within a hike!

Below are a few recommendations for organizing a travel bucket list:

  • Set aside a page or two for each state/country/city (depending on your focus)
  • Consider dividing your entries by region, if necessary
  • Name specific locations, restaurants, landmarks, etc.
  • Gather GPS coordinates if you plan to backpack into a location, on or off a trail
  • Note seasons that are optimal for the desired visit, hikes and/or photograph being captured
  • Highlight/Note destinations that are particular to a season using different colors to easily plan for upcoming trips
  • Include websites or other resources that may help with trip planning

Do you have questions or suggestions about keeping a travel journal or two? If so, I would love to hear from you!