Iris Garden | Photograph Story

Iris Garden | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography My parents have a large print of this photograph hanging in their sun room. I smile every single time I see it :)

This is one of my favorite flower photographs from over the years. Naturally, the purple iris makes me happy (as do all things purple).

What I love most is the delicate softness and contrast. The bokeh of light pink, green and yellow behind a dark purple flower, still preparing to open for the season, commands my attention. When I look at this photograph, I can still imagine myself sitting on the ground, among flowers, pleasantly happy and relaxed.

I fell in love with morning light while photographing this iris garden. I have always loved watching the sun rise, as the day starts and the earth wakes up. I had a tendency to head home after the sun was above the horizon, missing some of the most beautiful light of the day. Arguably, my favorite light of the day.

The first few hours of daylight are soft and magical. I experienced this goodness because I wanted to beat the heat and the Arizona sun :) I did both, and ended up discovering my favorite time of day to be outside with my camera!

You could say this iris garden motivated me to become a morning person, again :)