Inside a Flower | Photograph Story

Inside a Flower | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography Friends frequently ask for my list of favorites when it comes to photography subjects.

My answer is twofold.

One: Traveling is a HUGE passion and every landscape, animal, city and moment captured along the way is both special and exciting. All live at the top of my list.

Two: Sitting inside a flower with a macro lens is my go to goodness. The tiny details, magnified before my eyes, is a bit of a love affair for me. And where I spend most of my non travel days.

If flowers are in bloom, there's a good chance you will find me, my camera and a macro lens perched in the grass/garden/field/anywhere flowers exist :)

Oddly, my first macro lens was purchased in late 2014. A game changer, for sure, but one that took a bit of time to come along. Before the 105 mm lens entered my gear kit, most of my macro photography was accomplished using an Olloclip (photograph above) on my iPhone or through a zoom lens, trying to get as close as possible with steady hands.

This photograph, Inside a Flower, makes me giggle. When asked where I'm headed for the morning, when blooms are all around, my answer is usually "I'll be inside a flower today" :)