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I made my first visit to Zion National Park last winter, during the final days of November. Zion quickly became one of my favorite national parks! I loved the tall rock walls, the Virgin River lined with trees and the unforgettable adventure of hiking the Narrows. I briefly wrote about my hike shortly after I dried off! Zion Narrows

The decision to hike the Narrows was somewhat last minute after walking to the river entry point and chatting with a couple that was finishing up their hike. Their excitement and overwhelming appreciation for the beauty they just saw quickly made me realize I wanted to go on the hike the following morning!

I rented a dry suit, neoprene booties and boots from Zion Adventure Company and watched a brief video on safety and what to expect while hiking in the river. The water temperature was 45 degrees and about 70% of the hike was in the river during the eight mile round trip hike to the end of Wall Street. The hike during the winter months is shortened; the bottom-up day hike is the only one permitted.

Zion Mystery Falls

To be honest, the beginning of winter was the perfect time to take on this hike. The foot traffic was minimal, with only a handful of pleasant encounters with other hikers. I loved being completely immersed in the experience and amazing views.

Another benefit was the water level. The deepest areas of the river came up to my waist, making it quite manageable for my short stature. I will admit, I fell at the end and was briefly wedged between two rocks before I made my way back to my feet! The shoulder high walking stick certainly saved me from falling several other times :)

Recommended Guiding Service and Rentals

Zion Adventure Company - they offer gear rentals and excellent advice for newcomers to the Narrows. Guided hikes are also available throughout the year. Their website has great maps for planning your own trip and hiking experience at the Narrows.

Virgin River Horizontal

I would love to go back one day and hike the entire 16 miles of the Narrows and possibly camp out overnight along the way. I am trying to convince my youngest sister to go on the adventure with me :)

Have you hiked the Narrows at Zion National Park? If so, I would love to hear about your experience!

Alaina and the Narrows