Flower Prayer | Photograph Story

Flower Prayer | Alaina Ann Photography The flower prayer photographs are some of my favorites! I left my home in Arizona early on a Sunday morning. I was heading to an area in Tucson that was known for having many dragonflies swarming around. Likely far from an ideal situation for many, but I was quite interested in photographing these insects.

When I arrived, the parking lot was completely empty. I hopped out of my car and walked toward the signs outlining the trails and walking areas near the marsh. On my way to the signs, I ran into two rattle snakes {and screamed out loud} as they slithered away from the sidewalk. After looking up from the sign, I watched a bobcat cross the parking lot and disappear on the trail I was preparing to walk on! I have an adventurous spirit, but felt I had seen a bit too much wildlife in my first five minutes after leaving my car :)

I decided to head to a new location where flowers were blooming. Although I realized the "good light" was quickly fading, I wanted to return home with at least one or two photographs from my outing. When I arrived, I began to giggle with excitement. This praying mantis was waiting for me, sitting on a flower, simply enjoying the day!

At this time, the soft morning light was completely gone and Arizona was heating up. The temperature at 11:30 am was in the high 90's. I spent nearly 45 minutes watching and photographing this praying mantis, thankful for each gentle breeze that came through. Although the breeze felt amazing, the true benefit was the flower swaying beneath the open shade of a nearby tree long enough to capture a photograph with softer light. By the time I returned to my car, I was covered in sweat and my hair was in Medusa mode.

Over the years, I have found myself in this situation more than once. I head out to capture a certain subject or photograph, only to find myself leaving my initial location empty handed. I now operate with the mindset of patience and exploration. If stop number one leaves me without inspiration or seems like a poor situation to be in, I explore a bit more. I have never been disappointed by stop two or three :)