Flower Bee | Photograph Story

Flower Bee | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography This photograph comes from one of my favorite places in Tucson, Arizona. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was visited monthly, if not more often, while calling Arizona home. Saying I'm excited to stop by in October is an understatement :)

During my final visit, just two weeks before moving to Maryland, I came across these pastel, delicate flowers, humming with bees. A lovely photograph opportunity, if you ask me.

Bees require a bit of patience. They are swift and rarely interested in being models. Instead of chasing bees around the flowers, I decided to lock in on this particular bunch of goodness and waited for a bee to briefly stop by. One appeased me, for a few seconds, and I captured this photograph.

This was long before my macro lens joined the gear bag. Instead, a telephoto lens was used showing a bit more of the flower scene.

I quickly retreated to enjoy the rest of my stroll in the desert, and celebrated another non-bee sting moment surrounded by flowers.