Durango Ranch | Photograph Story

Durango Ranch | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography One of my goals is to own land and a cozy cabin in Durango, Colorado. My fingers are crossed that this will become a reality in about ten years :)

During my fall foliage trip to Colorado, I stayed in Durango, traveling north and west from there each day. I drove by this ranch three times during dark hours, knowing I was missing out on a spectacular scene. This little ranch looks breathtaking during the spring, summer and winter months; I knew it would blow me away with yellow and green aspens during their peak season.

During my full day in Durango, I made my way south on 550 toward this ranch. While finding a safe place to pull off the road, I was giddy with excitement! Between the ranch, trees and reflection in the water, I was in fall heaven! There were so many photographic possibilities :)

I hopped out of my car, grabbed my tripod, and set up on the side of the road. I think I spent nearly two hours there, watching the clouds roll in and out, changing the light just enough to keep shooting more.

While capturing photographs, an older man and his wife pulled up behind my car and jumped out, excitedly asking where in Maryland I was from! They recognized my license plate and had to pull over :) As it turns out, they were from Gaithersburg, only about 10 miles from where I grew up. Talk about a small world!

They now live in Cortez, Colorado after following a similar dream to head out west, buy some land and build a home among the amazing Colorado views.

One day this lovely view, and many others, will be just down the road from my home. I absolutely can not wait :)