Dare to Dream | Friday Favorite

Dare to Dream The weeks seem to be flying by as I get more settled into my new home. And my camera seems to be collecting dust because I have not made time to sneak away with it one day each week. I will be getting back on track with my planned photography day next week :)

A handful of months ago, everything in my life was a bit rearranged. And for a brief period, I considered stepping away from my entrepreneurial role with Alaina Ann Creative and Alaina Ann Photography to join an organization full time. Luckily, one day I came to terms with my truth; I am meant to be doing the work I do each day with my companies that I love SO much. Both are successful and filled to the brim with my true passions and the career I want to have.

Today's Friday Favorite is a simple photograph that any of us could have snapped. For me, it resonates with my heart because the simple words, "Dare to Dream" have kept me on the path in my life that I love. I have always been a big dreamer and I trust I always will be!

Camera: iPhone 4s