Chicago Bean | Photograph Story

Chicago Bean | Alaina Ann Photography I managed to travel to Chicago on four occasions before finally bundling up and walking to the Chicago Bean (Cloud Gate Sculpture). I am embarrassed to say I never realized my hotel, during every stay, was only a handful of blocks from this sculpture.

I was in Chicago the final week of October and, naturally, the weather was brisk. After throwing on a few layers, I made my way to the bean. This sculpture is beautiful and the reflections of the surrounding city, people and cloudy skies made it that much more amazing to look at. As luck would have it, the crowd was quite small during my visit. Many of my photographs are without people or have a small number of individuals, naturally enhancing the scene.

This photograph of the Chicago Bean is one of my favorites because it has every element from my visit in nice detail. The sky and clouds almost have a marble effect on the glass, with the city buildings contouring in, embracing the sculpture. A couple is standing off to the side, preparing to carry on with their day. Remnants of fall are visible on the two trees and the stone columns surrounding the sculpture are keeping everything separated from my observation point.

I did get a closer look and enjoyed standing beneath the sculpture. I also managed to capture a photograph of my reflection, wearing my red coat :) You can see the other photographs here.

I would love to photograph the Chicago Bean on a snow day, if I happen to be in town during a winter storm. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying the reflection!