Capturing iPhone Photographs

Curves and Shadows Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing quite a few iPhone photographs from my road trip to Maryland. Even though I had my Nikon D7000 strapped to me, I purposely captured images with my iPhone 4s along the way. I love being able to share my favorite sights quickly and easily on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

While sharing my photographs, I have had quite a few friends and followers inquire about my iPhone photography process. Today's post jumps into my world of iPhone photography as I share a few tips, tricks and apps I love working with!

Environmental Tips
  • Many of my favorite photographs come from the morning and evening hours when the light is soft. My general rule of thumb is the hour before and two hours after sunrise; two hours before and one hour after sunset.
  • Cloudy days allow for even light conditions throughout the day.
Native iPhone Camera Settings
  • Turn the flash off!
  • Having the grid turned on allows for easy placement of scene elements within my frame. I also find the lines help me plan for sharing photographs cropped as a 1:1 square on Instagram.
  • I set the AE/AF Lock for the area of the scene I want to have in focus. Simply press down on the screen until the AE/AF Lock square is set. To unlock, press the screen a second time. Setting the AE/AF Lock also sets the exposure pretty well.
  • Steady hands and holding the shutter button down until I'm ready to take the photo results in sharper images.
Add-On Accessories
  • The Olloclip is quite fun for capturing wide angle views and macro photographs. I have yet to use the fish-eye lens because that view has a tendency to make me dizzy :)
  • I have a glif mount for a tripod, but have not yet used it. I think this would come in handy for night photographs with a long exposure app.
  • A Gorillapod would be perfect for mounting the glif, keeping the gear light and easy to carry.

Monument Valley

Apps I Love/May Soon Love
  • Instagram is a must have app for me. I love sharing my photographs and the community of artists I follow are both talented and inspiring.
  • I downloaded VSCO CAM about a week ago and I love the built in filters! My use of filters is dependent on the image and many of the Instagram filters are a bit too dramatic for my taste. What I love about VSCO CAM is that I am able to change the intensity of the filter. I have found I prefer the f2, 04 and 05 filters at a 1-5 intensity level.
  • eZy Watermark is great for adding text or an image to your photograph before sharing. I use the text functionality and add "Alaina Ann" to my images before uploading them to social media sites.
  • Diptic is fun for creating collages with multiple images.
  • Camera+ was recently recommended as an alternative to the native iPhone camera. Camera+ allows for setting a focus point and a separate exposure point within an image. I may download the app and give it a try in the near future.
  • Snapseed is another app I have heard great reviews for applying filters and also editing. I have this app flagged in case I want to spice things up a bit more!

So there you have it! My tips and methods for capturing iPhone photographs I love :) As with any camera, I have found that patience, steady hands, good light and setting the camera up for proper focus and exposure leads to the best photographs!

Do you have any tips or tricks for iPhone photography that you would like to share? If so, I would love to hear them!