Broken and Beautiful | Photograph Story

Broken and Beautiful | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography I captured this photograph just about one year ago. Life recently threw me a big curve ball and I was just getting back into photography, after tucking my camera aside for a month.

While photographing butterflies, I was immediately drawn to this one. The colors and way the light was gracefully complimenting the butterfly made me see right past the broken wing. I honestly missed it at first and remember pulling my camera down after zooming in and noticing.

I smiled inside. A rather large smile, in fact :) There I was, capturing photographs for myself, after a hiatus, and one of the first things I came across in nature was an exquisitely beautiful butterfly, even with a broken and torn wing.

This little moment made me realize I was going to push through my recent heartache and upcoming life changes. Although I felt a bit broken in some areas, I remembered there was still plenty of beauty around me (and within me) to cherish.

I find it amazing how memorable and meaningful my encounter was with this little butterfly. I love looking back on this photograph :)