Boise National Forest | Travel (118/556)

Boise National Forest | Travel (118/556) | Alaina Ann Photography Boise National Forest was my final stop during an extended national forest loop in Idaho. I drove through lush forests, saw the tallest snow measuring sticks in my life and encountered areas devastated by wildfires. A diverse and beautiful experience.

Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore
  1. Payette River - beautiful beaches and serious rapids are available in the South Fork and Main Payette River.
  2. Pine Flats Hot Springs - a short quarter mile trail from the Pine Flats Campground takes you to natural springs.
  3. Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway - a 131 mile drive through forest packed landscapes and stunning river views. Commonly closed during winter due to avalanche conditions.
  4. Shafer Butte - a beautiful mountain getaway from the desert below.
  5. Trinity Mountain Recreation Area - the highest point in Idaho, accessible by car, featuring lakes, campgrounds and rustic cabins.

What are your favorite places and hikes in Boise National Forest?