Bobbing Carp | Photograph Story

Bobbing Carp | Alaina Ann Photography Many people ask if I captured this photograph while in the water. The answer is No! As it turns out, I am slightly afraid of being in the water and I am allergic to fish. As much as I would love to explore underwater photography, I'm not sure I will ever have the guts to go for it it!

While visiting the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, I found myself walking along a small boardwalk to a marina. The moment I stepped foot on the boardwalk, I was instantly surrounded by carp, swimming in from every direction! It was somewhat comical how quickly hundreds of them appeared! I trust they were hoping I had food to share with them.

As I walked along, they continued to follow me, piling up on top of each other to the point where I could no longer see the bottom of the lake in the shallow water.

Once I reached the middle of the boardwalk, I noticed a small boy dumping bread into the lake, attracting the carp to his location. A few hung around, swimming beneath me, looking up out of the water while bobbing just below the surface.

I stood on the very edge of the boardwalk, leaned over the water and zoomed in on this carp. He was bobbing vertically below the surface of the water and seemed to have all the time in the world as I clicked away :)

Even though I have a bit of an aversion to fish {for good reason!}, this photograph is one of my favorites! I love the color of the water, the natural feel of the scene with bits and pieces of lake goodness floating around, and, of course, the carp filling the frame while looking right into the camera.