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Saguaro Blooms When I first moved to Arizona, I was amazed by the saguaros lining the roads and mountainsides throughout Vail and Tucson. Seeing them each day put a smile on my face. Naturally, when I learned they bloom beautiful white flowers during May and June each year, I was beyond excited!

Overhead Saguaro Bloom

I am thankful I had the opportunity to catch these delicate blooms twice during my short stay in Arizona. I actually found myself in both the East and West sides of Saguaro National Park my final week in Arizona, searching for low saguaro arms with flowers to photograph :) The hours between sunrise and noon are the best time of day to enjoy the saguaro blooms.

Saguaro Blooms Vertical

Points of Interest

Cactus Forest Loop Drive - located in the Rincon Mountain District (also known as Saguaro East), this beautiful scenic road offers many opportunities for finding blooming saguaros. I had the most success with low hanging arms in the Mica View Picnic Area and the Desert Ecology Trail.

Bajada Loop - located in the Tucson Mountain District (also known as Saguaro West), this dirt road takes you right into the heart of the desert! While I was visiting the park, the park ranger told me I could pull over on the road as long as my parking did not interfere with passing traffic. I found a handful of spots along the way that met this requirement. I did have to hike a little into the thick of the desert (wear pants!) to find an ideal saguaro to photograph.

Blooming Saguaro

Have you ever been to Saguaro National Park, or another area, to visit the blooming saguaros? If so, I would love to hear about your trip!