Baby Hummingbird | Photograph Story

Baby Hummingbird | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography I love hummingbirds! Beautiful, full of life and zippy :)

I remember more days in Arizona with hummingbirds in the backyard than without. I always loved walking downstairs from my office and looking through the big living room window or kitchen sliding glass door into the backyard to check in on the wildlife running and flying around :) Early in the morning or late in the afternoon always seemed to be the best time to spot a hummingbird in the small trees.

I always had a habit of waiting for the hummingbirds to land before capturing a photograph. As much as I love them flying around, I do enjoy their brief moments of stillness.

This baby hummingbird was too sweet to walk away from. Patience was required to photograph this little guy while taking a break! He landed briefly, I captured this photograph and soon felt him swiftly flying by my head and circling around my legs!

I must admit, I miss seeing these little birds almost daily. They add a bit of spontaneity and a few extra giggles to wildlife photography :)