Artist's Point | Photograph Story

Artist's Point Horizontal | Alaina Ann Photography The desert is filled with goodness to explore and photograph. While traveling across the country, Monument Valley was a perfect place to stop between Page, Arizona and Durango, Colorado.

I received mixed reviews on whether or not my Jetta was suitable to drive the 17 mile, unpaved, scenic road. I spent a solid thirty minutes watching for sedans completing a successful trip. After seeing many, I decided the Jetta was worthy of the drive :) There were a few deep ruts that made me cringe, but none proved to be problematic when approached at a slow speed!

Driving the scenic road was amazing. Truly amazing. The distant and close views were spectacular, leading me to stop at every single pullout :)

When I reached Artist's Point, I had a feeling I would stay awhile. And I did.

This area of the park received the name "Artist's Point" due to the number of artists who stopped during their journey to re-create this amazing view. Even though the buttes, mittens and other rock formations are quite distant from this vantage point, their overwhelmingly large presence is still felt.

I found myself daydreaming a bit while standing with my camera at my side. I imagined the diverse beauty that might be seen from Artist's Point depending on the weather, season and time of day. I would love to return and see winter snow contrasting the desert landscape or a summer monsoon storm rolling through the valley. Watching the first and last light of the day, as the colors in the sky change, would also be quite spectacular.

My favorite aspect of traveling is knowing I will be back. Anxious to see what has, and has not, changed since my last visit. And what mother nature has in store for enhancing the already too good to be true view :)