Arizona Sun | Photograph Story

Arizona Sun | Photograph Story | Alaina Ann Photography When I first moved to Arizona, people who lived elsewhere kept asking me if I was disappointed with my new "brown" location. There seems to be a common misconception that the desert is brown and ugly. If you have never been to the desert, and this is your expectation, you are in for a surprise!

Of course, there are times of the year when the desert seems more dry and lacks color compared to other times. For the most part, however, I never found myself missing color (maybe grass, but not color). Between the cactus, wildflowers, mountains, blue skies, dramatic sunsets and various plants in the desert, there was a surprising amount of color and green to be seen :)

The flowers were my favorite unexpected burst of color. Between the wildflowers and the cactus flowers, I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful, and colorful, flowers I have ever seen.

I happened to come across a small patch of wildflowers in Tucson with one Arizona sun beaming through the green, purple and yellow flowers. The Arizona sun is such a vibrant and eye-catching flower. The fact that it was standing alone in the crowd made it that much more colorful to me. I zoomed in enough to capture the detail of the Arizona sun, while leaving enough room to show the other colors around this lovely little flower.

I would love to stumble upon a large patch of them growing together one day :)