Arches National Park | Travel

Arches National Park, located in Moab, Utah, is an amazing place. The natural arch formations, red rocks and expansive views are breathtaking! I made my first visit to the park during late November. The weather was perfect for hiking and the crowds were somewhat minimal. Distant Delicate Arch

During my two days in the park, I managed to complete several small hikes. One great perk to Arches National Park is the ease of access to many of the arches. A day filled with short hikes easily covers many of the park's favorite arch formations.

Small Window

One of my favorite moments in the park was spending sunset hiking beneath and around the Double Arch. I felt quite small standing beneath the huge arches :) I also loved seeing the textures on the rocks up close.

Evening Arch

Easy Hikes

Delicate Arch Viewpoint - in case you do not have the time or energy to commit to the Delicate Arch hike, the viewpoint is a quick alternative to take in the Delicate arch from a distance. The hike is a simple 100 meter walk from the Delicate Arch Viewpoint parking area.

Double Arch - an easy .5 mile trail, round trip, that takes you to the base of the Double Arch. The trail is accessible from the Double Arch parking area.

Landscape Arch - another easy trail on relatively flat ground that is 1.6 miles, round trip. The trail takes you to a viewpoint just beside the Landscape Arch, considered to be the longest natural arch in the world. This trail is accessible from the Devils Garden trailhead parking area and there are many side trails to venture onto, if you wish!

Sand Dune Arch - I loved this easy hike to the secluded Sand Dune Arch, tucked away behind expansive sandstone walls. The hike is a quick .4 mile walk, round trip, and provides a nice reprieve from the sun. The trail is accessible from the Sand Dune Arch parking area.

Skyline Arch - this arch recently (1940) doubled in size when a large portion of the rock fell from the existing, smaller arch. When you make the short walk to the base of the arch, you can see the pile of rocks that fell from the arch. This hike is another short .4 mile walk, round trip, and is accesible from the Skyline Arch parking area.

The Windows - this 1 mile, round trip loop, takes you up and around three large window arches. Even though you can easily see each arch from the Windows parking area, I highly recommend taking a closer look!

Landscape Arch

Long Hikes

Delicate Arch - I hiked to the Delicate Arch on Thanksgiving morning and it was absolutely breathtaking! I would love to go back during a more ideal time of day for capturing photographs. This hike is 3 miles round trip with no shade along the way. Be sure to have plenty of water and snacks. Try to leave your fear of heights behind as well! Two hundred yards of the hike is along a narrow rock ledge with quite the downward view! The trail is accessible from the Wolf Ranch parking area.

Sitting beneath the Double Arch

Have you ever been to Arches National Park? I would love to hear about your experience and the hikes you recommend! I definitely plan to return one day soon :)