556 Locations in 12 Years | Travel

556 Locations in 12 Years | Travel | Alaina Ann Photography Last week, while getting the mail, I had the pleasure of running into a dear friend and her daughter {they live up the street}. When asked if I had traveled to any new places since I last saw them {two months ago}, my answer was no. NO?! How is that possible? I am always on the move and going to new places, both near and far.

Naturally, I came inside, sat at my desk, and began thinking of new places to visit and photograph. As you know, I decided a few years ago to visit every National Park {59 total} by the time I am 45 years old. This goal, over 1/3 of the way complete, got me thinking and researching.

There are 401 National Park units in the United States. I have visited many throughout my life, but have only photographed a small portion of them. Since I want to return to every National Park I have already photographed, I decided to set a new goal :)

Over the next twelve years I am going to set out to visit and photograph all 401 National Park units in the United States! With 50 units in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., I suddenly have a new motivation and excitement to start exploring locally.

As I began to look at the units in each state, I remembered the National Forests are maintained by the U.S. Forest Service {not the National Park Service}. Thus, I have added the 155 National Forests to my list as well!

I have started to add new destinations to my 2014 travel bucket list and plan to get started this month :)

New goal: 556 locations in 12 years. I think this is going to be a fun, challenging and awesome goal to fulfill!