Times are changing.

Times are changing | Alaina Ann Photography Remember when I wrote this blog post, with hopes of getting back to my Tuesday, Thursday and Friday blog schedule? And I caught up on Friday Favorites, only to vanish into another unplanned hiatus?

My sincere apologies, friends. It's been another whirlwind of a few months and it has become quite clear times are changing. For me, for my companies and life in general.

I bought a van and we are on a 62 day maiden voyage around the country before plans are finalized for a camper van buildout. And I am EXCITED. Adding to the hilarity and excitement, Alaina Ann in a Van soft launched. Go take a look and perhaps giggle a bit with me.

As a result, I am standing at a crossroads with photography and travel.

The Alaina Ann Photography blog has always been my place for sharing travel posts, significantly delayed. Admittedly, sometimes a bit forced due to my unending desire to share thoughts from EVERY place on EVERY road trip. My back log at this point, sharing every stop, is a solid two years behind.

Friends, clients, fellow photographers and adventurers have hinted, nudged, requested a shift in content on the blog in line with ideas I have been sitting on for too long.

When you find yourself at a crossroads, craving a shift in content, with a new sharing platform available, it's clearly time for a change.

Shall we try this again?

Here's what's going to happen now:
  1. Catch up on Friday Favorites. Again. This will still serve as my weekly guaranteed post to share recent photographs and a little beauty from current travels.
  2. At this time, Wednesday will be the new day for sharing other content on the blog. And I am not committing to every week. Content will shift to reviews for camera gear, travel tips for photographers, stories behind specific photographs, passion projects as well as new products and gallery releases. Travel will be highlighted from time to time, when relevant.
  3. Alaina Ann in a Van will become the new space for sharing RECENT travels (not every stop), van life, insights on traveling solo and outdoor gear reviews. iPhone and GoPro photographs/videos will be shared here. I turn them around quicker than my big camera.
  4. Update the gallery with recent captures. Loads of my best work has been living on hard drives, unseen, for years.
  5. You may notice a new logo for Alaina Ann Photography :) I'm loving the clean, smooth changes.

Here's hoping life has been good to you the last few months! I'm in a fun place, growing a few dreams while trying to keep a solid grip on the goodness already in place.