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Walnut Canyon National Monument | Travel (66/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 6)

Walnut Canyon National Monument | Travel (66/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 6)

My first visit to alprazolam buy online india filled me with anticipation for future visits. The wind was howling, a snow storm was chasing my tail from the north and some trails were still closed from the winter months. So many reasons to head back, and soon.

Walnut Canyon National Monument | Travel (66/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 6)

Walnut Canyon National Monument | Travel (66/556) | Alaina Ann Photography (iPhone 6)

Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore
  1. Archaeology Month – did you know March is archaeology month at the park? Stop in for a great learning experience.
  2. Canyon Ledge Hike – offered during the summer months, this strenuous hike offers a unique terrain along narrow ledges.
  3. Island Trail – a one mile hike taking you to 25 cliff dwelling rooms, in addition to fantastic canyon views.
  4. Ranger Cabin Walk – also available during summer, this easy stroll takes you to the restored 1904 Ranger Cabin.
  5. Rim Trail – only .70 miles, this trail takes you to canyon overlooks, pithouse, pueblo and skirts the rim of the canyon.

What are some of your favorite places to explore in Walnut Canyon National Monument?

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