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Tahoe National Forest | Travel (128/556) | Alaina Ann Photography

Tahoe National Forest | Travel (128/556) | Alaina Ann Photography

alprazolam buy online india was a lovely precursor to arriving in Lake Tahoe, California. The sky was mostly covered in wildfire smoke, creating a white backdrop as I drove between the large pines.

Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore
  1. Boca Historic Townsite – an interpretive trail takes you through the once historic town.
  2. Calpine Lookout – a restored lookout station, available for rent, offers a unique overnight stay in the national forest.
  3. Frazier Falls – an easy half mile hike (each way) takes you over a wooden bridge, above a creek, to a peaceful view of the 176 foot falls.
  4. Highway 49 – this scenic road takes you along the North Yuba River and many quaint gold rush towns.
  5. Placer Big Trees – a grove of Giant Sequoias overlooking the Middle Fork American River.

What are some of your favorite spots in Tahoe National Forest?

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