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Loved visiting Mount Rushmore for a second time, while traveling through South Dakota. Naturally, the baby mountain goat was the main highlight :)

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While visiting Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, I decided to spend my time exploring above ground :)

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Take a look inside the 2016 Wildlife Calendar!

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This photograph comes from one of my favorite places in Tucson, Arizona. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was visited monthly, if not more often, while calling Arizona home. Saying I’m excited to stop by in October is an understatement :) During my final visit, just two weeks before moving to Maryland, I came across these pastel,… ordering xanax online legal

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While living in Arizona, most errand trips resulted in me pulled over on the side of the road capturing photographs. Old Spanish Trail was always my preferred road choice when driving back to Vail, from Tucson. Less traffic, close mountain views, guaranteed wildlife sightings, saguaro cactus goodness and a few ranches filled with horses were… get alprazolam online

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When I first moved back to Maryland, from Arizona, my heart was quite heavy. Arizona and the western side of the country was my happy place and I never planned to call my hometown home again. Being close to family and the people who love me most in this great world trumped everything at the… liquid xanax online

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And this is how baby bees are made… Have a great weekend :) Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 105 mm ISO: 200 Aperture: f/4.2 Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec

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These little birds make me laugh out loud. I have seen piping plovers on Long Island, Assateague Island and Plum Island. This photograph comes from the latter. Here’s a normal viewing moment of piping plovers at the beach: | To start, these little guys would fit in the palm of your hand, for the most… cheapest xanax prices

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Spring seems to be fading quickly as summer temperatures and sounds roll in. Hearing toads, frogs and everything else calling at night reminds me of a fun childhood, mostly spent outside. When I captured this photograph my mind wandered, bringing me back to evenings playing hide-and-seek, running to the ice cream truck, rolling down hills,… cheap xanax for sale online

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This is one of my all time favorite captures. A macro lens was on my gear list for quite some time. After receiving a gentle nudge from a photography friend, I finally made the purchase. And I am SO glad I did. The 105 mm lens is a new favorite and it travels with me… online dr xanax