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Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge was on my list of places to explore for a few years. In 2014, I found myself in the area for a quick visit. Although I was a few months off prime time migration season, driving around and seeing a few birds here and there was quite enjoyable. November… ordering xanax from india

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Email subscribers will receive their free May wallpaper on Friday morning. The featured photograph is from Assateague Island National Seashore :) Subscribe today! Your information will only be used by Alaina Ann Photography.

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Lotus flowers are magnificent. The bright colors and how the light seems to soak in perfectly is well worth all the dragonfly kisses. Thinking back on previous botanical moments, last summer turned out to be my first experience with lotus flowers. I have meant to see and photograph these pink beauties before, but never managed… buying alprazolam online

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The Potomac River has a way of becoming familiar. This river has been part of my life for many years, making it easy to overlook all the splendid goodness. And so begins my attempt to fall in love with familiar surroundings, as a photographer :) Walking along the river with my camera in tow was… buy alprazolam in uk

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Walking around Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas was a lovely way to start a quiet morning on the road.

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Talk about being on the edge of the United States, mostly alone! I spent nearly three hours exploring Amistad National Recreation Area. Aside from the park ranger at the visitor center and border patrol officers, there wasn’t a soul in sight the entire time. Peeking at Mexico, across the Pecos River, was a fun highlight… can you buy xanax over the counter in ireland

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While wrapping up my cross country trip, Holly Springs National Forest (in Mississippi) and William B. Bankhead National Forest (in Alabama) were perfect stops for peaceful strolls.

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Sam Houston National Forest was my final Texas national forest stop. I managed to see all four of the national forests in this great state over the course of 24 hours! Favorite Hikes + Places to Explore Big Creek Scenic Area – contains four loops of the Lone Star Hiking Trail. Double Lake Recreation Area… get xanax script online

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My first few hours in Texas were all about national forest hopping. And it was lovely :) Angelina National Forest was stop number two with even more water and a few tempting dirt roads. Favorite Hikes + Places to Explore Bouton Lake Recreation Area – a 12-acre natural lake, near the Neches River. Boykin Springs… order alprazolam online

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Entering Sabine National Forest was an exciting moment. I was officially IN Texas :) The starting point for my main trip. Favorite Hikes + Places to Explore Indian Mounds Wilderness Area – an area where nature has taken its course. A destination for enjoying solitude. Lakeview Campground – located on the Toledo Bend Reservoir, offering… buy real alprazolam