Glen Canyon National Recreation Area | Travel (63/556)

Oh how I love to revisit places. Especially when they are located in Arizona and Utah. February marked my third visit to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. As you will see in the photographs below, I focused on sunrise captures, with clouds that went on for miles. Would love to hear all about your favorite… {read more}

65 Day Road Trip | Week 7

Virgin River | Friday Favorite

Returning to Zion National Park and the Virgin River has been on my list for a few years, since my last visit. I absolutely loved walking through this canyon. My next visit will be in early winter to hike the Narrows again. Hopefully sooner than later. Have a fun weekend :) Camera: iPhone 6

Sunlit Trees | Photograph Story

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of my favorite national parks in the United States. While hiking among the incredible hoodoos, it is easy to forget to look around, beyond the formations. The Tower Bridge trail was a great, moderate hike. And since my visit was during the winter, the trail was relatively empty. The… {read more}

Freemont Waterfall | Photograph Story

When initially planning my trip to Capitol Reef National Park, in Utah, I was hoping to photograph the Freemont Waterfall from the ground, capturing the fall trees along the rushing water. And then I rolled into town as all the leaves fell to the ground. Timing is everything and I missed my capture by a… {read more}

Distant Delicate Arch | Photograph Story

Two years ago, I spent Thanksgiving day in Arches National Park. Living in Arizona at the time, flying back to Maryland for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, just a few short weeks apart, was a bit too expensive. Instead, a national park road trip landed me in Utah. Hiking in a national park on Thanksgiving day… {read more}

Hoodoo Moon | Photograph Story

Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah, is one of my favorites. After an afternoon hike along the Queens Garden Trail and Navajo Loop, I set up my tripod at an overlook above the hoodoos, facing the anticipated location for the moonrise. Even though the full moon was one day away, I figured there would still… {read more}

Utah National Parks | iPhone Favorites

Today’s group of iPhone Favorites comes from my 2012 visit to the Utah national parks. These parks are some of my favorites in the United States and deserve a little throw back sharing today :) I am hoping to make a return visit in 2015!

Connecting Arches | Photograph Story

Standing beneath the Double Arch in Arches National Park made me feel quite small. Smaller than usual :) The Double Arch trail was the first little hike I went on in the park. Walking toward these arches seemed surreal. Their HUGE presence and alluring glow as the sun hits them just right during the evening… {read more}

Artist’s Point | Photograph Story

The desert is filled with goodness to explore and photograph. While traveling across the country, Monument Valley was a perfect place to stop between Page, Arizona and Durango, Colorado. I received mixed reviews on whether or not my Jetta was suitable to drive the 17 mile, unpaved, scenic road. I spent a solid thirty minutes… {read more}