September 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

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Landscape | Week 41 (Project 52)

There are no words for how much I love an endless landscape as the sun fades away for the day. Stunning Badlands in Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Goal: Capture a photograph of a landscape scene. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 16-35 mm

Custer National Forest | Travel (102/556)

While traveling in South Dakota, I visited one of the Custer National Forest areas, separate from the main area in Montana. Roaming bison, antelope and scenic landscapes filled my time in the national forest. Sadly, I have no explanation for my complete lack of photographs from visiting. I have included hikes and places from both… {read more}

Jewel Cave National Monument | Travel (100/556)

Similar to other national park units with caves on this trip, I skipped the underground adventures in Jewel Cave National Monument. Maybe another day. They are, however, at the top of my list for folks who love stepping below the ground you walked in on! Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Cave Tours –… {read more}

Badlands National Park | Travel (99/556)

Over a decade went by between visits to Badlands National Park. I knew my arrival would be greeted with wonder, fresh eyes and amazement. During my first evening and morning in the park, storms were rolling in and out. The dynamic blue sky served as a stunning contrast to the badlands and areas with green… {read more}

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site | Travel (98/556)

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is conveniently located to Badlands National Park. If you find yourself in the area and have an interest in Cold War history, I highly recommend stopping in at the visitor center. During my visit, the mock-ups for the final visitor center exhibits were in place and an educational video was… {read more}

Black Hills National Forest | Travel (97/556)

My first drive through Black Hills National Forest was in 2013, while visiting Mount Rushmore. It was a rainy, low fog morning and the views were spectacular. My favorite moment, of course, was meeting this mountain goat :) Visiting last year came with more warmth and sunshine. Perfect for hiking and exploring new areas in… {read more}

Mount Rushmore National Memorial | Travel (96/556)

These presidents were far less bashful during my recent fall visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. As you may recall back in 2013, fog rolled in for hours and only brief glimpses of the presidents and blue skies came into view. Since my recommendations remain the same, check out the blog post… {read more}

Wind Cave National Park | Travel (95/556)

Caves and caverns are amazing, beautiful and quite impressive. And I have had the pleasure of visiting all sizes and depths across the country, including Carlsbad Caverns. Despite all these grand experiences, I have managed to become less interested in exploring caves and caverns. Why bring this up? Because I skipped going underground at Wind… {read more}

Missouri National Recreational River | Travel (89/556)

My time exploring Missouri National Recreational River was swift, bouncing from South Dakota to Nebraska, as daylight quickly faded. The water was intense and angry as wind speeds increased along the river. After enjoying a few overlooks, I parked in Lewis & Clark State Recreation Area watching the sun dip out of sight. For things… {read more}