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Gettysburg National Military Park is a quick and easy ninety minute drive from my home. Walking through the battlefields was surprisingly peaceful and quite beautiful. It’s hard to believe so much turmoil took place on the scenic rolling hills and farmland surrounding the park roads. Recommended Hikes Available hiking trails are noted on the park… ordering xanax from india

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Gettysburg National Military Park is an easy, ninety minutes drive from my home. I spent a quiet and peaceful evening exploring the battlefields a week ago. Below are my favorite iPhone photographs from my visit!

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I must say, it is quite unusual for me to upgrade my camera and then have it sit for a week or two. This week, I am committed to exploring with my D800! Over the weekend, I was in Greensburg, Pennsylvania visiting family. I captured this photograph from my Aunt’s kitchen. I do love winter… xanax online overnight shipping

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This week was busier than I anticipated and I somehow managed to only capture a few iPhone photographs. While traveling home from a day in Pennsylvania with family, my mom and I noticed the spectacular sunset above the mountains in Breezewood. Our timing turned out to be perfect and we came up on a rest… buy alprazolam online cheap

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I have a tendency to take my time going through the photographs from my DSLR camera after road trips. I do, however, post photographs captured with my iPhone rather quickly :) I have decided to post a set of my four favorite iPhone photographs from a recent trip each Monday. I hope you enjoy them… xanax online fast shipping