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I spent days driving through aspen and pine goodness. Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado and Carson National Forest in New Mexico have some great, small, mountain towns worth exploring.

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Bienville National Forest was a stop and smell the flowers type of visit for me. After a long day on the road, walking through the trees and stretching my legs during the late afternoon was relaxing and refreshing. Favorite Hikes + Places to Explore Beaver Lake – great for fishing and boating. Harrell Prairie –… buy xanax legal safe online

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Mesa Verde is a unique and beautiful national park. I was pleased to make my second visit during fall last year.

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A few inches of snow fell earlier in the week, giving us a nice winter wonderland for a few days :) Have a warm weekend! Camera: iPhone 6

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Some places remain unbelievably majestic, no matter how many times I visit.

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Durango has been my favorite mountain town in the country for quite some time. I always love stopping in to visit :)

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While living in Arizona, the sunrise was right in my backyard. Right outside my bedroom window, to be exact. It was lovely. Sunsets required a little more effort :) Generally a little walk or short drive down the road offered a decent view. Saguaro East had some great vantage points as well, with the sun… xanax pfizer buy online

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Visiting Talladega National Forest was my quickest in and out moment in nature. While heading to the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area, a police officer motioned for me to pull over. He informed me a potentially dangerous man was in the woods and a search was underway. So, I left. Hopefully I will find myself in… get xanax script online

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Even though I was a bit early for the heavy bird migration, the views at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, in New Mexico, were quite lovely!

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When initially planning my trip to Capitol Reef National Park, in Utah, I was hoping to photograph the Freemont Waterfall from the ground, capturing the fall trees along the rushing water. And then I rolled into town as all the leaves fell to the ground. Timing is everything and I missed my capture by a… buy real alprazolam