September 2017 Wallpaper Calendar

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Maryland Sunflowers | Friday Favorite

July 21 // I was pleased to see my hometown sunflowers still in bloom after arriving in Maryland. This may be my final summer visiting this field. Camera: iPhone 7

Poolesville Farm | Friday Favorite

April 28 // The light was too lovely to resist pulling over. Camera: iPhone 7

Lake Hartwell | Friday Favorite

I always love returning to Clemson, especially to reminisce my days on the water with the crew team. Overlooking Clemson Sprints, on Lake Hartwell. Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

Tahoe National Forest | Travel (128/556)

Tahoe National Forest was a lovely precursor to arriving in Lake Tahoe, California. The sky was mostly covered in wildfire smoke, creating a white backdrop as I drove between the large pines. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Boca Historic Townsite – an interpretive trail takes you through the once historic town. Calpine Lookout… {read more}

Lassen Volcanic National Park | Travel (127/556)

Driving through Northern California, I was unsure what to expect upon arriving at Lassen Volcanic National Park. This was my first view, walking up to the edge of Manzanita Lake. Smoke from nearby wildfires drifted in throughout my stay and kept hiking mileage to a minimum. Top Five Hikes + Places to Explore Devils Kitchen… {read more}

Seneca Schoolhouse | Friday Favorite

Despite cold temperatures and gusting wind, my mom and I decided to do a little local exploring. I remember taking field trips to the Seneca Schoolhouse as a young child. Have a warm weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

Evening Clouds | Friday Favorite

These clouds caught my attention while driving out of Poolesville, Maryland. I had to pull over to take a closer look! Have a beautiful weekend :) Camera: iPhone 7

Purple | Week 52 (Project 52)

Closing out this Project 52 assignment with my favorite color in the sky :) Goal: Capture a photograph with the color purple. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 16-35 mm

Dusk | Week 49 (Project 52)

A hot, beautiful day comes to an end in Joshua Tree National Park, California. Goal: Capture a photograph at dusk. Camera: Nikon D800 Lens: 70-200mm