App Reviews and Tutorials | iPhone Photography

I am pleased to share the addition of iPhone photography app reviews and tutorials on the blog! Previously, these posts have been shared on my personal blog, I transferred a handful of posts to get the app reviews and tutorials rolling :) App Reviews Marksta App VSCO CAM App US National Parks App Tutorials… {read more}

Setting Exposure + Focus | iPhone Photography

One of my top tips for individuals looking to improve their iPhone photographs is setting the exposure and focus prior to pressing the shutter button. This is done by activating the AE/AF Lock. Here are the simple steps to achieve properly focused and exposed iPhone photographs: Choose the area of the scene you want to… {read more}

Capturing iPhone Photographs

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing quite a few iPhone photographs from my road trip to Maryland. Even though I had my Nikon D7000 strapped to me, I purposely captured images with my iPhone 4s along the way. I love being able to share my favorite sights quickly and easily on Instagram,… {read more}