App Reviews and Tutorials | iPhone Photography

I am pleased to share the addition of iPhone photography app reviews and tutorials on the blog! Previously, these posts have been shared on my personal blog, I transferred a handful of posts to get the app reviews and tutorials rolling :) App Reviews Marksta App VSCO CAM App US National Parks App Tutorials… {read more}

Marksta | iPhone Photography

When I began focusing more on iPhone photography, I decided to watermark my photographs. As you may know, I share these photographs on various forms of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+). The importance and overall reason for watermarking photographs is different for each individual. For me, the decision was two-fold. My main reason was… {read more}

VSCO CAM | iPhone Photography

A few months ago, I mentioned downloading a new iPhone app for photography here. Little did I know VSCO CAM would quickly become my go-to iPhone photography app! VSCO CAM has quite a bit to offer, with a few of my favorite features noted below. VSCO CAM Features Ability to change the intensity of the… {read more}

Capturing iPhone Photographs

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing quite a few iPhone photographs from my road trip to Maryland. Even though I had my Nikon D7000 strapped to me, I purposely captured images with my iPhone 4s along the way. I love being able to share my favorite sights quickly and easily on Instagram,… {read more}